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imagine otto and laura being minutes away from death so they're trying to confess their love but nero and raven are there also so when otto's like 'you're not like any girl i've met before' nero's just like 'what?? does she FLY??' and raven's like 'you've decided NOW is the best time to do this?!' and then laura and otto kiss but it's ruined by hearing nero and raven simultaneously going 'ugggh'


i’m laughing purely at the way i’m imagining otto and laura just lying there, bleeding out, while raven and nero kinda stand over them like “is it really worth it to save these two? do we need this amount of cheesiness to live on in our world?”


Practicing aging characters with Percy and Annabeth


Practicing aging characters with Percy and Annabeth




Someone whose never watched Red vs Blue, explain this.

Grey Master Chief has come home to his family of other Master Chiefs after fighting for his country. His way of surprising his family is waiting until they are playing tag-football in…


King Gavin Part 2 comes out. Someone finally collects their fourth block, only for Gavin to announce that none of them have won. Lindsay suddenly joins the game. She steps onto the throne, which is now torn to pieces. Gavin hands her the crown and proclaims that she is Queen.

They have dismantled the patriarchy.


Weiss got a dog

Yang is reminded they have a cat


Otto figures out how to link the Shadow hologram to some kinda high-tech bracelet projector or something so Wing can activate him whenever he wants.

Someone passes their block’s common room and they see him just kinda talking to the silent Shadow hologram who nods vaguely sympathetically every twenty seconds or so

They just move on because hey, they’ve seen weirder.


I’m still laughing at the mental image of Otto Malpense playing Sonic games

And one day he just

'I wonder if I could try and hardwire the game to create holographic versions of the characters….' and HIVEmind is just

'Otto there are so many things wrong with that'

'I'm gonna do it'

'Otto pLEASE'

My Jack Blank/H.I.V.E. Fic is starting to feel like it must have a Jack/Otto ship endgame… And I am totally not above that possibility.


this book is great and you should read it
- ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 


this book is great and you should read it

- ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

dude imagine if someone at hive had the idea of a training simulator based on popular horror games but it had to be stopped after a five nights at freddys simulator when even colonel francisco started getting nightmares
But imagine if someone (idk, can be anybody. Shelby, Wing, whoever) somehow gets ahold of a japanese dating sim and Otto does that sleepy thing and ends up inside the game.


I can’t decide if it would be funnier if Shelby was steering him around the whole time and he’s silently seething and plotting revenge, or if he had to somehow charm the girls in the game to get out and outside everyone is just laughing their butts off watching it.

I want Otto stuck as the protagonist of the game and then all the H.I.V.E. girls get their hands on copies of it (curtesy of Shelby) and think that the Alpha’s coded the game or something…. And then other students start getting stuck in it…


That, and I do love Epsilon!Tex because she is the last Tex and she has zero fucks left to give for Epsilon or anyone else.

She just knows in her gut that this is all wrong and she’s not even supposed to be here, and the only thing she wants to do is take it all apart and…



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