dude imagine if someone at hive had the idea of a training simulator based on popular horror games but it had to be stopped after a five nights at freddys simulator when even colonel francisco started getting nightmares
But imagine if someone (idk, can be anybody. Shelby, Wing, whoever) somehow gets ahold of a japanese dating sim and Otto does that sleepy thing and ends up inside the game.


I can’t decide if it would be funnier if Shelby was steering him around the whole time and he’s silently seething and plotting revenge, or if he had to somehow charm the girls in the game to get out and outside everyone is just laughing their butts off watching it.

I want Otto stuck as the protagonist of the game and then all the H.I.V.E. girls get their hands on copies of it (curtesy of Shelby) and think that the Alpha’s coded the game or something…. And then other students start getting stuck in it…


That, and I do love Epsilon!Tex because she is the last Tex and she has zero fucks left to give for Epsilon or anyone else.

She just knows in her gut that this is all wrong and she’s not even supposed to be here, and the only thing she wants to do is take it all apart and…



First cat Otto thing here

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Otto’s thoughts while under the effects of Animus. 

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Does anyone know if the publication date on this is accurate?? There is no other information but it seems unfortunately plausible (why can it not be sooner sob)

(and there’s this too: which somehow manages to have even less information than the first)

Oh no. That’s really far.


The true twist in this episode is that Red Like Roses II wasn’t about Ruby and Summer

It was about Summer and Yang

Ruby was too young to remember Summer, but Yang understood completely what had happened. It was Yang who needed Summer the most, her own mother having left her. It is Yang who has nightmares about Summer dying.

It is Yang who will never find away to fill the gap left in her heart by Summer, because that was the second mother to have abandoned her.


H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden


Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy

Otto Malpense may only be thirteen years old, but so far he has managed to run the orphanage where he lives, and he has come up with a plan clever enough to trick the most powerful man in the country. He is the perfect candidate to become the world’s next supervillain.

That is why he ends up at H.I.V.E., handpicked to become a member of the incoming class. The students have been kidnapped and brought to a secluded island inside a seemingly active volcano, where the school has resided for decades. All the kids are elite; they are the most athletic, the most technically advanced, and the smartest in the country. Inside the cavernous marble rooms, floodlit hangars, and steel doors, the students are enrolled in Villainy Studies and Stealth and Evasion 101. But what Otto soon comes to realize is that this is a six-year program, and leaving is not an option.

With the help of his new friends: an athletic martial-arts expert; a world-famous, beautiful diamond thief; and a spunky computer genius — the only other people who seem to want to leave — can Otto achieve what has never been done before and break out of H.I.V.E.?

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i cant get over these pictures omg thats some rl disney bullshit right there



Fairy Tale Reform School by Michael Heath


Fairy Tale Reform School by Michael Heath


Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I really like that one part where the whole movie.

Think about…


Think about how much Otto looks like Number One. And that’s fine at H.I.V.E., because people don’t know what number One looks like there. 

But what about if someone from GLOVE comes to H.I.V.E? What if they came to talk about a certain topic that the teachers don’t know much about. Maybe, for irony’s sake, the topic is clones? And they see a boy in the crowd. A boy that looks so much like their boss/their previous boss Number One. Imagine their reaction. Maybe they tell people about it and Otto is now the most-stupid-person-to-piss-off at HIVE. Everyone learns that Otto is Number One’s ‘son’ and people treat him differently. They worship him or hate him for having a way into GLOVE.

Imagine Otto’s reaction to people finding out that he is Number One’s ‘son’.

What about Wing’s reaction to this information? And Wing feeling like Otto didn’t trust him and “Why did Otto make up this whole story about him being in an orphanage? What Otto really to be trusted? Was he really his friend?” What about Laura’s reaction? Or Shelby’s? Or Nigel’s? Or Raven’s? Or maybe even Professor Pike’s?

What happens if people find out Otto isn’t Number One’s ‘son’ but his clone? How won’t people treat him? Would the students refuse to talk to Otto anymore because ‘if he’s the clone of Number One and Number One is ruthless and cruel what is Otto really like? 





Well, she definitely takes after her mother
When the hearts of everyone in the fandom simultaneously shattered into a million pieces (via doc-emily-grey)

Book Review on The Book Castle


Book Review on The Book Castle

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